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This unofficial JROTC history was compiled from several sources. It is not the officially published or authorized history. Care has been taken to verify the dates and statistics contained in this edition. This is posted at Please send e-mail to if you discover errors or desire to submit additional information for inclusion here.

1. Early history 9. Retiree Recall
2. Post-World War II 10. JROTC Instructor Course
3. Post-Vietnam Era, 1970-1985 11. National Science Center
4. The Program of Instruction 12. Career Academies
5. Attempts at Reform, 1985-1986 13. JROTC Growth Goals Refined
6. A New Direction, 1986-1990 14. JROTC Summer Camps
7. Operation Capital 15. JROTC Cadet Creed
8. Arnold and JROTC Expansion 16. The First JROTC Unit