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JROTC History (unofficial)



     The year 1992 also witnessed the establishment of the JROTC Career Academies program, a joint venture between the Defense Department and the Department of Education designed to provide "at risk" students with leadership, academic and vocational training. The academies operated as "schools within schools" and were jointly funded by both agencies mentioned above. In accordance with a formal interagency agreement signed by the two departments, the Department of Education transferred $1 million to the Defense Department to begin the implementation of the career academics initiative in FY 1993.

     In addition to providing academic and vocational instruction, the career academies attempted to instill in their students confidence, discipline and a sense of responsibility – personal attributes that equipped them for success in life. JROTC had been in the business of character development since its inception in 1916, and was ideally suited for this task. Army Junior ROTC Career Academies were established in urban school districts throughout the United States.