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JROTC History (unofficial)



     Soon after Maj. Gen. Lyle assumed command, he modified and refined the JROTC expansion goals set by his predecessor. Concerned about JROTC’s absence in many northern regions of the nation, he set an objective of establishing at least five units in every state. Lyle made this the command’s first priority. Lyle was also anxious to boost the command’s presence in medium-sized cities with populations between 100,000 and 150,000, so placing units in these cities became the command’s next priority. He did attach one stipulation to this last priority. To avoid JROTC saturation in one city, he ordered that the command focus on those cities where less than 25 percent of the high schools had units affiliated with any service. Of the 186 cities across the country that fell into this last category, only 64 remained without a JROTC program by the autumn of 1995.