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Useful service provider, consisting of forums, guestbooks, and alot of other useful items.

ICQ is an instant messanger program. Its the one I use and I highly recommend it for all of you. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Embark if you dare on a quest to destroy the lord of all evil. Multiplayer Game. Retail Price: $30.
One of the best, if not the best, online graphics and button generator. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

A great site for those hard to find downloads. Has everything you could ever want. Freeware and Shareware programs. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

A strategy WarGame among the stars consisting of three major races. Multiplayer Game. Retail Price: $40.
V-3 Redirection
A useful webpage redirection service, but I have unfortunately experienced a couple of minor problems with, but still recommended

A website dedicated the to hackers of the age. Show's you the recently hacked webpages, ranging from to

Brood War
Brood War is an expansion for StarCraft. Consist of new units. Retail Price: $30.
Andy's Art
A wonderful collection of selected animated graphics and other items. Good for the beginner.

ZombieMud is an online RPG. Great game for serious gamers. Takes some reading. Freeware.

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